Medical Service

On-campus nurses are on call 24 hours. A Samitivej Hospital-operated clinic in Wangchan Valley has doctors for consultation. Wangchan Hospital is about a 20-minute drive away from our campus. Patients can be transferred to hospitals in Rayong or Bangkok for emergencies or more sophisticated medical treatment.  

Furthermore, VISTEC provides accident insurance for all students on campus, outside campus, and on overseas trips. 

Emergency calls:

Wangchan Valley ambulance call number: Tel: 02-537-3330 (24 hours)

Support Team: Tel: 033-01-4191 (24 hours)

Support Team: Tel: 033-01-4116 (Office hours)

VISTEC Medical Room (MSE Building)Samitivej Medical Clinic Wangchan Valley (IC Building)Samitivej Medical Clinic Wangchan Valley (IC Building)